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This is the part of the page where I communicate with you some.  I will display all updates and messages from me here.

November 17, 1998 Okay, a big news update has came to day, so go to the news page. Also, I have got some more new pictures and I am working on updating the pics page (its taking longer than normal because Tripod redid the homepager). Anyway, with the release of Zelda almost apon us, I will be working on the stratgy section. It might be up by the 11/23, but if not, it might be a while. Hey We gotta play Zelda too! :)

November 5, 1998 Not really a whole lot added but an award, and my Smart Clicks banner on the front. I was going to update with new pictures, but they got lost in my hard drive somewhere. Anyway, I was going to put this in the news section but I'll just let you read it here. There is going to be a Zelda novel to go with the game that you can by separtate. Now, the book is not a stratagy guide, but it will give hints to what to do in the game. The idea sounds really cool. Anyway, I will update with pictures soon.

October 19, 1998 Tonight I added a new link....thats all. I am looking for some new pictures so please stay calm. :)

October 5, 1998 I recently got put on The N64 top 10 list.

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October 2, 1998 Updated the NEWS section with a picture of the golden cart!

September 23, 1998I updated the Pictures Section by adding page 7 and page 8.

September 15, 1998:  To better improve my communication with you, I added a mailing list to my page.  Please sign up for it.  I will send you a message when I update or there is big news about Zelda64.  Enter your email address below.  Thanks!!

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September 14, 1998 Added a new link to the Zelda Art Gallery.

September 11, 1998 I updated the News Section.

September 6, 1998 :Updated the picture section with new images. They are on the first pic page. Go check them out. I also de-bugged my picture page.

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