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April 19, 2002
If you are viewing this website, and I bet you are then I bet you were expecting all kinds of great information on the great game The Ledgend of Zelda : The Ocarina of Time for the fabulous system the Nintendo 64.
Well my great patrons of this site I have moved on. Yes I have.
But hold, just because I have moved on does not mean that I have completely gone nuts and stopped making a website. You are wrong.
After a long and hard time on the now defunct Hyrule: The Land of Zelda (or HTLOZ) as the editor SPOTS I have now devoted my time to the world of the GameCube. Well, I should have my new website up and running about the first of May 2002. I know it is a long time in coming, but hey if you are looking at this website now, then you must be one of two things
1. An extreamly devoted fan of my website in which I have not updated since November of 1998
2. You are some poor soul lost in the endless world of the internet.
Whichever catagory you fall into fear not, becuase I will return in a couple of weeks with a new web site on the GameCube, and more importantly, Nintendo.
Well, now that that is over, email me at to get information on when this site will actuall be updated.
Untill then, thanks for coming and have a great day!
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