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The Tower of Time............

 no longer being updated.  Yes the site will still exist, and you can still access it from the bottom of this page.  I might, in the future (and if I find new material) update the site, but the probabilaty is slim.  I am now a staff member (aka Spots) on one of the biggest Zelda sites on the net, Hyrule: The Land of Zelda.  I really suggest you go there now for all your Zelda needs.  In addition to my new job in Hyrule I am also working on a new web site devoted to the new Nintendo console (code name: N2OOX).  This site is still in early development.  May 1999 is the tenative launch date for the new site.  Check back often to this page to find out more information regarding that site.  Thanks for visiting the Tower of Time and thanks to all those who supported it.

Webmaster of the Tower of  Time

(okay, I am reall sorry about all this, but trust me, Hyrule: The Land of Zelda  is a way better site!)

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