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LAST UPADATED: August 11, 1998

Welcome the the Tower of Time. This page holds all sorts of information of the upcoming game, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time It is planned for a November 1998 release.


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I am really excited about this game coming out. If you have seen pictures you will know what I mean. Plus with Shigero Miyamoto at the helm (you know this guy, he made Mario 64) it is destined to be great. The game is said to be running on the same engine as Mario 64, but with vast improvements. The camera angle  problems that plagued Mario 64 are now a thing of the past. The game has been said to be the greates mix of different genres ever done. The game play is so immersive that it is almost like an interactive movie (infact, that is what Mr. Miyamoto is going for). Also, unlike any other RPG, Zelda 64 has the ability to interact with any object you see. Plus, the sound effects are supposed to de dead on with anything you hit with your sword. I dont know how to describe Zelda 64 any other way except, in my opinion (which you dont have to agree with), it will blow Final Fantasy VII out of the water! The graphics, the atmosphere, and the completly interactive game is something that FF VII won't be able to touch. I have seen plenty of video of this game, and belive me, it is the closest thing to reality in a video game. The game will be here just in time for the 1998 holiday season.

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Well, after long a waiting, I am almost done with the renovation for this page. I have all the HTML code done, now I just have to check for bugs. This shouldnt take to long, as long as I am still off of work (I work a J.C. Penney's) Thursday, it will be up by the weekend. Thanks!

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