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~Game Information~

Link attacking a staflos

This game is going to be simply stunning.  We now know a lot about the game except for the story, which is good.  The game is bound to shape the action RPG, and for that matter, the action genere as well.

If you remember playing Tomb Raider or Mario 64 and getting the camera stuck right in Mario or Lara's butt and despised it, then you will love the camera system of Zelda 64.  It is hard to get used to at first, but after awhile, it will be second nature.  When you want to fight an enemy or look at something up close, then just press and hold the Z button.  It will lock on to an object that you are attacking and the camera will stay fixed on that (that is what the cross hairs are for).  It should make it easier to see the object you are attacking instead of guessing where to hit.

The attack system is different too.  Press A once and Link will draw his sword, again ant he will slash, three times and he will swing his sword from his head to his toes.  Jump and A will cause him to slash down, and hold the A button charge up the sword and you can do the same helicopter spin from the SNES game.

The atmosphere  of the game is another thing.  You can interact with anything, except for the people (what I mean is that you cant hit them w/your sword because you have no reason too, they cant hurt you).  In Zelda 64 you can hang on ledges, push and pull walls, and open chest and drawers.   Also Link can swim.  This game is full of exploration.  This aspect of the game makes it the most playable 3D game ever.

The graphics will blow you away.  Imagine Mario 64, but magnified 100x's.  The game is full of endless landscapes, beautiful cities, and dark, dreary dungeons.  It will run between 25 and 30 fps.  Zelda 64 will also take use of light sorcing.  Every thing on screen is lit according to there surroundings and environments.  Another neat aspect of the game is when Link carries his sword in his left hand (as always), he will swim only with his right or struggle to climb up a ledge.

The sound and the music in the game will be spectacular.  What ever you hit with your sword will make a sound, your feet, your horse (yes a horse)  will make all kinds of sound effects.  While you are outside, you will hear birds chirping, animals, and rivers flowing.  The music has one of the best soundtracks in a video game.  Of course, it will have the music that we have come to know and love.

With all of this combined, Zelda will be spectacular!

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